Different Types of Braces

Although once thought of as a treatment for teens and adolescents, many more adults are using braces to treat crooked, misaligned teeth. No matter how old you are, braces make it easy to get back the smile that you love. When you visit the Jacksonville orthodontics office, you’ll learn that four types of braces exist. Those four choices are:

–    Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces blend well with the teeth so they’re less noticeable and use clear or metal ties to keep them in place on the teeth. These braces can chip easier than other types of braces. They’re very similar to the metal style of braces, however.

–    Metal Braces: The least expensive of the options, metal braces are also the least desirable because they’re very noticeable, minimize the foods that you can eat, and can cause hygiene problems.  They’ve been around for quite some time.

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–    Lingual Braces: This special brace is the most expensive of the different options available. It is attached inside of the tooth s it is not seen. Not everyone can use this type of brace and it can get in the way of the tongue.

–    Invisible Braces: Most people who need braces choose invisible braces. No one can see them so only you know they’re inside the mouth. Plus, there is less maintenance required, which means fewer trips to the dentist. The cost of these braces is the biggest disadvantage.

Each type of braces has its own features, pros and cons, and costs to consider before determining if it is right for you. Schedule a consultation with the orthodontist to learn more about the braces and which is best for your needs. Several payment options offset some of the costs of braces. Insurance and payment plans are two of the payment options.